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Supporting the Trump agenda

In 2016, President Trump promised to accomplish a lot of things to help Make America Great Again, and the people of Arizona spoke loud and clear: they support Trump’s conservative values, and Brenden Dilley does as well. We need your support so Brenden can join President Trump on Capitol Hill and support the Trump agenda in Congress.

Brenden will fight to represent the people of Arizona, and your generous contribution will help ensure that our great state a has a voice in Washington.

America First

Brenden Dilley supports the America First agenda championed by President Trump, and will fight to keep jobs here and protect our international trade interests.

Fight Radical Islam

Brenden believes we need to keep radical Islamists out of our country and will fight to protect our borders and strengthen the failed immigration policies that allow terrorists to step legally onto US soil.

A Strong Military

Brenden supports a strong military, both at home and abroad.

Free Speech & Religious Freedom

Brenden will fight any attempts to limit American’s rights to freely express themselves, or their right to live in accordance with their religious beliefs and customs.

Drain the Swamp

Brenden will fight to remove corruption from the Capitol, and help our President drain the swamp.

Support Our Vets

Brenden will give our US Military Veterans a voice on Capitol Hill, fighting to fix the broken Vet system and provide better support for those who’ve fought for our country.

Family Values

A father of 4, Brenden is a proponent of conservative family values and an avid supporter of parental rights.

Pro Life

Brenden opposes taxpayer-funded abortion and supports the pro-life agenda.

School Choice

Brenden is a proponent of the School Choice program & homeschooling rights. He believes every child has a right to the best education possible, and that parent should have the choice to educate their children in accordance with their own beliefs and values without government intervention.

Build the Wall

Brenden will vote in support of Trump’s Border Wall and other initiatives to Secure our Borders and keep America safe.

Audit the Fed!

Brenden supports an audit of the Federal Reserve and a return to fiscal conservatism.

2nd Amendment

Brenden Dilley is a member of the NRA and will defend the 2nd Amendment and your right to protect your home & family.

Limited Government

As a constitutional conservative, Brenden will work to limit the intrusion of the federal government into the lives of Americans, and fight to protect states’ rights.

Transparency & Hard Work

Brenden is a self-made author, entrepreneur, business executive, Fortune 500 Coach/Consultant, and co-host of the Your Voice America talkshow.

He has interviewed or been interviewed by respected conservatives Bill Mitchell of Your Voice America, Dr. Kelli Ward of The Kelli Ward Connection, and Melanie Morgan from Media Equalizer. He’s been quoted by the NY Times, US Today, Washington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Huffington Post and dozens of local and national media outlets.

With over 118,000 followers on Twitter, he is regarded as one of the most balanced and pragmatic political voices on social media today. His book and sincere speaking style have earned him a global following.

Support the Party!

Supporting the Brenden Dilley for Congress Campaign will help us take Arizona's conservative values to Washington, where Brenden Dilley will fight to support the Trump agenda!

We want to Make America Great Again -- but we can't do it without your help.

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, voters in Arizona's District 8 will elect a Republican Candidate to represent them in the US House of Representatives. Mark your calendar, and cast your vote to support Brenden Dilley and the Trump Agenda. We need your vote!